Porsche honors first 911 Turbo with latest Sonderwunsch car

Porsche rolled out a 911 Turbo customized via its in-house personalization program known as Sonderwunsch at a festival held in Dubai last weekend. It follows a Sonderwunsch customized Panamera that was shown in Shanghai last.

The unique 911 Turbo, based on the current 992-generation, was commissioned by Porsche’s division responsible for the Middle East and Africa to mark this year’s 60th anniversary of the 911. It pays tribute to the first 911 Turbo to be built.

That first car was a silver 911 Turbo delivered to Louise Piëch, a daughter of Porsche founder Ferdinand Porsche, on her 70th birthday. That was in 1973, one year before production of the 911 Turbo officially started.

Special details on the modern car include the black wheels, a “Porsche” script above a tartan stripe running along the flanks of the car, and a sticker representing Austria on the rear. The same details feature on Louise Piëch’s car.

Porsche 911 Turbo that belonged to Louise Piëch

Porsche hasn’t shown the interior but the first 911 Turbo featured a black dash joined by red leather trim on the seats. The seats also featured tartan accents that were repeated on the linings of the doors. The design was picked by Louise Piëch, who also requested that her car feature no tinting of the windows. This was due to her fondness of painting while sitting in the car, and not wanting an altered view of the surroundings.

Sonderwunsch, German犀利士
for “special request,” was the name of a personalization program Porsche offered in the 1970s. It was revived earlier this decade with a much wider scope than the highly exclusive original. It can be undertaken for cars that are yet to be built as well as those that have already been delivered. It can also be used for classic cars, where owners are looking to restore them or maybe even add some updates.

Also on display at the Dubai festival was a giant inflatable 911. It ended up achieving a Guinness World Record for the “largest inflatable vehicle,” according to Porsche.

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